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Designed with both aesthetics and efficacy in mind

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The Most Liked Skin Products

Unveil a youthful glow from our trending collection.

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Hair Care

Find everything you need to gently nourish your hair inspired by natural ingredients.

Health & Hygiene

Be Fresh and Flirty with our range of Health & Hygiene Products.


Shop our best-selling products and see what all the hype is about.

The Beloved Combos & Gift Sets

Avail amazing Combo Offers across a wide range of beauty products.



The Finest Skincare For The Finest Personalities​

Get your skin to glow with our vibrant collection

The Organic Hair Care Products

Enjoy the beautiful hair you have always wanted.

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What People Say

The ultimate secret of glowing skin

Shop Our Bestsellers

The products that become a part of your lifestyle

5 Step Facial Kit

Healthy and Clear Skin

Gives a radiant glow to your skin

Keeps the dignity of your skin.

Exfoliation for all skin types

Water Less FaceWash

Samarya Naturals’s Water Free Face Wash cleanses your face without a drop of water and instantly provide brighter skin and refreshing cool effects. It’s unique and 100% safe solution absorbs excess oil and dirt on the skin and quickly makes your skin clean and fresh. It is perfect when you need an instant face rejuvenation without looking for a water resource. Just apply, rub and wipe off. Use it whenever your face feels dull and tired and get rid of excess oil, pollution, dirt, and dullness in seconds.

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Our Signature Formula


Samarya Naturals brings you the best of Nature and Science in a bottle, crafting a range of Modern skincare. Our nature-forward approach ensures our ingredients are skin-friendly. We have evolved into a full lifestyle line of skincare, hair care, body care, and cosmetics sold all over India. The sensoriality of our products—their textures and scents—sets them apart. But they’re also scientifically proven to work extremely well. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best every day, we’re committed to creating fun and accessible products to help us all do more of what we love.

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